EA develops a game of ESDLA

These are the first images of a PC game that we should all be aware of.Electronic Arts has become one of the most coveted licenses of the moment, and as you can see in the images, the design and setting will be matched to the film.

Also noteworthy is the fact that, while EA has grabbed the rights to the film, another company, Vivendi, currently owns the video game rights over the novels; Although in the case of this company I have only been able to view images of X-Box and Gb Advance, so I do not confirm the Pc version.

To finish, just say that the game will be action oriented (containing the rage lovers of the role), so it would be doubly sad that Vivendi in the end did not release its version in Pc, because this one is a role.

Note: The images included are all from the EA Games game and are copyright the same

Jeffrey Whitesell