It all started on a hot summer afternoon in the already hot Seville city, while a group of 6 friends played a game of “Fanhunter: The epicodecadent RPG.” In that session of game there were two people not very attentive to the development of the game, a player with a character called JFK and the animator (very bad of his part, by the way), that they distracted drawing, the first of them, to his Character and, the other, various noses.

These two friends spent a long season drawing noses of all kinds and at all times, showing each other the drawings continuously. And one day something happened, one of them said to the other: “What do you think if we draw all these noses together, squared and following a script?”. And they set to work. After a year, they could see the final result, which was far from what they had originally thought. Yes, they drew all the noses together, instead of drawing them in single sheets, but the vignettes were not exactly square, and the script is better not to talk.

Those two friends of Seville are called Adri Ortiz and Antonio Jiménez, and what they had generated would be one of the best fanzines inspired by the Piñoliano universe, drawn with nose-noses like the original comics of the author “Barnacitiense.”

As soon as they finished the “comic” or “fanzine”, they went to show it to Dani, owner and employee of Arte 9 Sevilla, to give them their opinion and to talk about business, since he had encouraged them to sell their fanzine there. They wanted to know what benefit he had in selling the comics. What was the surprise that they took when their friend started to find his way as he turned the pages. They enthusiastically asked him, “Do you think so good?”, To which he replied: “On the contrary, it is pathetic, do you really intend to sell this?” At that moment it was when their desire to publish at once what they had been doing for so long overcame the disappointment of the moment, but decided to go ahead, nothing would stop their feet, and if it was not sold, at least they would have the satisfaction of Who had published a comic.

The comic was missing a title, and they remembered a nice anecdote that happened to them in the deceased comique store “Cartoons”. Once they went to that store with the healthy intention of buying the “Fanhunter: EJDRE” module called “X-Pansion Kit”, not seeing it through the shelves they asked the shop clerk. He called a colleague who was in the warehouse and asked, shouting, “Is there any X-Pansion Kit out of the FANJUNTER?” Then, remembering the scene they thought … the comic is a copy of Fanhunter, which in English is pronounced Fanjanter, because we are already called “Fanjanter”, so the Cartoon can not say “Fanjunter”. But they still lacked something to the title, they did not know what, and after many turns of head decided to call it “Fanjanter: the final copy”, but did not just like them, and they continued thinking, and thinking, and thinking … until they decided To call it … “FANJANTER: THE DEFINITIVE PLAGIO”, previously happening for “Fanjanter: the definitive copy” and for “Fanjanter: the final plagiarism”

When the time came to publish it they found that they had no idea how they were going to do it. By print? No, that has to be very expensive. Then how? By photocopies. They searched for a copy shop all over Seville that was cheap, since, although they were not going to take advantage of the fanzine, Arte 9, the store that was going to sell it, they would keep 20%. Finally they found one where they had to make the photocopies themselves. But the problems did not end yet. It had been more than 6 months since they finished drawing the fanzine, over a year and a half some pages! And they were yellowish, and in some they did not even see the drawings well, then they had to redraw some pages. But in the end they succeeded, they published their first, and probably last, comic.

It was October of 1998, they had only made 10 copies and they were not sold nor of cina, so they had to resort to the most dirty and crawling: to sell them to their friends and relatives. One copy was given to Dani. They decided to wait until after Christmas to withdraw the copies and start selling them on their own to their friends and family. But something incredible happened during Christmas, had sold 6 numbers !!! It was only necessary to sell the remaining 3 to a few unsuspecting poor. To their surprise they found that Dani did not intend to keep any of them by the way. Thus, Dani encouraged them to continue the story, and with the money they had published the next issue, and so number after number to this day. At the moment they are indebted since they have come up with the mad idea to reedit all the material that they have published by press. May the force be with you.